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Model and Features of our Smart Meters:

  • Meters are as per IS 13779 and IS 15884 and are ISI Marked from Bureau of India Standard(BIS).
  • Single Phase 05-60A and Three phase 10-60A with In-Home Display wired and wireless(optional).
  • Meters can run in 4 modes, Mains supply, DG Supply , Low Credit and Servant Mode.
  • It can be configures as Prepaid and Postpaid at the time of installation. RWA can do audit of group of meters to see actual loss of KWH.
  • Electrical Characteristics as per IS Standard.
  • Meter is having Partial Load Feature to connect /Disconnect.
  • Saving of direct cost of cable for DG sensing. Because DCU will sense the signal for main, DG and change Mode of meters automatically.
  • DCU is capable to handling of up to 1200 meters. The range between meters and DCU can be more than 300 meters distance.
  • DCU and Meters are connected using wireless hopping technology.
  • Secured Network: Communication between meters, DCU and vending system is via secured AES-128 bit Encryption.
  • Easy to configure and Control. All configuration (tariff or other parameter) can be done in the office without going to meter location.
  • Meter and In-home display have LED to differentiate meter running on main or auxiliary supply.
  • Automatic SMS is send to consumers when they recharge or have low credit limit.
  • Automatic Bill is send each month to consumers on their email address which describe the consumption and maintenance charges.
  • Billing can be done either in Kwh or Kvah mode.
  • RWA can send tariff change request from our user friendly software interface and after our authorization new tariff uploaded on all meters automatically.