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Interactive Learning:

  • Touch Screen Tablets have changed, the way students learn!
  • In the age of Internet, Information has just exploded beyond imaginable proportions. Connected Tablets are a good way to keep up with the pace.

Better Engagement:

  • Tablets engage multiple senses and catalyse the learning process.
  • Use of “Sight”, “Hear” and “Touch”.

Promotes Intuitive Learning:

  • Encourages Self Discovering and Learning.
  • Enables FASTER learning & makes students better at grasping new concepts.
  • Brings out the innovator in everyone.
  • Learn at will and at one’s own pace.

Sciknow TabLab Solution: Why?

Replace Notebooks As Well:

  • Digital Slates & Tablets can also be used by the student to take notes in digital format.
  • Digitized Notes are available for cross reference any time for personalized learning anytime & anywhere.

Learning by Doing! :

  • It is well known fact that “Learning by Doing” is more interesting that “Learning and Doing”.
  • Tablets are used by students in activity hour.
  • Students interact with dynamic content to “Learn” while they “Do” a particular activity.

Complete Solution for Students, Teachers, Parents and Institutions

For Students

  • No Burden of Carrying Books.
  • Environment Friendly.
  • Interesting & Interactive Lessons.
  • Cuts down boredom.

For Teachers:

  • One to One Teaching in Class Room Environment.
  • Customized Teaching depending on students need.
  • Digital Assessment: No Correction of Papers.
  • Updated Content: No Outdated Content.

For Parents:

  • Tutor at home in an interactive manner.
  • Distraction less study period.
  • No Last Minute Surprises.
  • Quality Engagement between Parents & Children.

For Institutions:

  • No Heavy Administrative Needs.
  • Pro-Engaged Students.
  • Updated Faculties across same subject & chapter’s content.
  • Differentiated Learning based on latest information available.
  • Upgradable Courseware.