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Traditional Indian Education System is currently transforming into a “Digital Education System”.

The key drivers for “Digital Education” In India are:

  • Video Content: Primarily to drive 03 important cognitive skills:
    • Attention,
    • Self Control &
    • Working Memory.
    • 9-12 minutes videos hold students attention.
  • Micro-Learning for a Goldfish:
    • Serving Knowledge in form of Short Lessons (Bites) make it easier for assimilation.
  • Gamification of Study Content:
    • Regardless to their age, students like to compete, make mistakes and correct them instantly.
    • They are eager to get immediate assessments of their achievements.

STSL is committed to empower the Students, Teachers & Education Institutions with latest technologies and solutions. Following are the solutions which we are offering:

Sciknow Tablet Solution:

Individual Tablet Based e-Learning solution. Students can learn at their own individual pace. They can refer to lessons at will. Teachers can assess each student individually and keep track of the progress.

Sciknow Smart Classroom Solution (Interactive Board)

Digitize the classroom with Interactive Board based Sciknow SCS Solution. Ideal solution for replacing traditional writing/ chalk boards system. Empower teachers to impart Interactive Content.

Sciknow Smart Classroom Solution (Interactive Device)

Make any surface in classroom interactive with Sciknow SCS Solution. No need to replace any traditional boards. Simply deploy, throw content on wall and interact. Empower teachers to impart Interactive Content.

Sciknow AIO Flat Panel Based Solution: 65” inch flat panel with Inbuilt PC, Interactive Whiteboard, Anti Glare, Anti Scratch, Finger Touch Solution. Ideal Deployment 1:1 Panel : Classroom.