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Under Digital India, e-education is one of the primary objectives. This is one of key focus industry for us. We believe that digital literacy is one component that makes a child responsible for how they can utilise technology to interact with the others. It is a common notion that technology is not good for education, but using e-education actually helps the students learn the good use of technology. STSL e-education solutions are committed to transform the life of a student. Our solutions make classroom teaching more interactive. Usage of digital tools help all to get comfortable with technology and harness its true power. Digital literacy is on the rise. We help institutions leverage the technologies that focus on e-education. Technology has change the way education is to be imparted. If you are interested to know more of e-education simply drop us an email and we will get in touch with you.
Energy conserved is energy produced - a new paradigm at STSL for conserving energy. At STSL, we are always striving to add new technologies that help the us to grow as a nation on global level. Smart Metering Solutions at STSL are a game changer. A smart grid will change the bottom line of the any organisation that deploys it , apart from the environmental benefits that it brings along. Our smart meters are fully AMI compatible energy meters. With plethora of benefits like: Accuracy Class 1.0. ping to send details every 15 minutes, anti theft alerts, multi meter support ( Gas, Water and more) STSL Smart Metering solutions are the future way of measuring our energy and resource consumption. We can help you making you smarter by adopting Smart Meter Technology. Let us help you with the same.
Aadhar Enabled Services
Emergence of Aadhaar -“ Mera Aadhaar, Meri Pehchan” has changed the way the government interacts now with the citizens of India. While there are numerous benefits that come with Aadhaar: STSL is supporting government of India with Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS). One of the key initiatives taken by the government is to standardise all government offices attendance systems through Aadhaar authentication. This promotes punctuality and adds to the motivation of the already punctual officials. Not only this but also it makes the attendance paperless and non time consuming. To know how STSL AEBAS services can help your organisation, just drop in a line and we shall get in touch with you.