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It is quite alarming that power transmission losses to the country are anywhere between INR 50,000 crores to INR 100,000 crores. The losses can be segregated into 02 types, broadly: Technical Loss (Lost while transmitting) & Commercial Loss (Theft).

In all up to 50% power just disappears.

General notion is that many people throw a hook (Kunda) on the line between the local transmitter and meter and this leads to power theft. However this is a miniscule percentage. This malpractice is found in slums but it is actually the rich and middle class that are more often found guilty.

Since the electricity rates are relatively high the local understanding between the meter reader and many households is a natural outcome. Readings reported to the system are not correct and much lower readings leave the power companies gasping for air.

Fast-forward the scenario by 1 year, the meters are reported to be faulty and corrected. Compliance is compromised up the chain of command and the cycle goes on.

Why Smart Meters?

  • Smart meters enable discoms to monitor load and consumption pattern.
  • They allow consumers to understand the impact of their electricity usage.
  • Data transmission is done without human intervention over a communication network.

Top 4 Reasons Why Smart Meter Are Here To Stay? Forever

  • It saves energy: Sensitised consumers who are aware of the usage real time can take control of their energy use just like using fuel (LPG, Gasoline etc.)
  • Estimation & Ambiguity eliminated: No guess work, not any more on energy bills. No dependency on meter readers. Businesses will be able to forecast their energy spends accurately and compute more realistically in their plans.
  • Competitive Market: Consumer can choose their power supplier just like they choose any other supplier for other utility services. Smart Meters will comply with all.
  • Better Control of Energy Use: 1/3rd of us don’t understand our energy bills. Smart meters are designed to give the control back to businesses and consumers. This will help us all, as the energy market will be rebalanced, eventually.


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