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When we took history lessons the 02 names that we generally recall (read famous universities in India) are Takshashila and Nalanda. Education has already been given great prominence in the Indian society since the Vedic Age.

In more recent times we have the IITs, IIMs & other prominent institutes that proved to be great learning and skill development centers. These institutes have taken Indian across the borders, into a global village and that too successfully. But this is only for the privileged few and for the ones who make it to these institutes on their merit.

Education sector in India has long awaited an overhaul to meet the demand for “Education for All”. Indian youth and younger ones in the last decade or so are more technology driven and self-aware.

Why Digital Education is fast catching everyone’s interest and imagination?

  • Firstly it revives the education sector based on faster communication facilities.
  • Government of India is bridging the Digital Divide.
  • Programs like “Digital Skills of India” mooted by Intel and Qualcomm have made some great inroads.
  • The ambitious “National Optical Fibre Network (NOFN)” is going to be the backbone of the Digital India. This takes network connectivity to remote place. Digital education tags along.
  • Gamification: Recently focus of content experience has shifted towards gamification. Diverse interactive content is available online and offline.
  • Smart Classes are already being accepted as reality for K 12 education.
  • Live Virtual Classrooms have paver the way for college level education in the country.


Only 15% of Indians have access to the internet. Under the ICT@Schools schemes, the government has spent more that Rs. 2000 crores since 2004. However only 60% secondary schools were equipped with computer. Programmes have failed due to lack of comprehensive vision that links technology for improving learning, build teaching capabilities.

Digital India is a huge opportunity for us as the government pushes for the use of technology. It is time to leverage the same and improve the education for our children and coming generations.

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